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Can You Warehouse Alcohol Under Your CA Liquor License?

Is it legal to warehouse or store alcohol with your current California Liquor License?

There are two types of warehouse facilities in California-  Public and Private.

A public warehouse is allowed to store alcoholic beverages for other licensees.  This may be a situation such as an importer who brings alcohol into California but does not have the space to store it.  It is important to note that in California, alcohol can be stored at an unlicensed location, but in order for it to be sold or delivered directly to the consumer from the storage location, that facility must be licensed.

A private warehouse is a storage facility that a licensee would keep in the same county in which they are licensed.  An example of this would be multi-location retail liquor stores.  It would be common for that business to have a central, privately-owned warehouse where they would receive all of their deliveries.  Once delivered by the vendor, the alcoholic beverages would then be shipped to each store location via their own trucks and drivers, not by the vendors themselves.

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