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Sell a California Liquor License

Selling a California liquor license with minimal stress and delay often requires experience in dealing with city and state officials. ABC Service guides you through the process.

Selling a California Liquor License

sell a CA liquor license

Liquor License Consulting for Buyers and Sellers

For those who want to sell a California liquor license, the process can be complicated and full of potential pitfalls. There are many factors which sellers should take into consideration, in order to ensure an easy and beneficial transaction.

A liquor license transaction can fall apart quickly for any number of reasons, most of which can be prevented. The California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control maintains strict guidelines which must be followed very carefully by both buyers and sellers of liquor licenses. If even a single regulation is not strictly followed, the transfer could stall for months or even fail completely. Since ABC rules and regulations can and do change quite frequently, it is imperative to seek expert guidance to be sure the correct procedures are being followed precisely. By seeking liquor license consultants who are experienced and knowledgeable, sellers can protect their transaction and help it progress more quickly and smoothly.

Utilizing a consultant can protect sellers by ensuring they receive a fair price for their liquor license. It also helps to streamline the process, as potential buyers are fully screened to be sure of their eligibility before initiating the transaction. Since buyers are aided throughout the entire process, making sure they meet all requirements for the license, sellers can enter into a transaction with confidence that it will be completed within a reasonable time frame and without surprise roadblocks. Since ABC regulations contain strict stipulations for such factors as location of the business, community zoning regulations, community concerns, type of permit, and many other hurdles, having expert guidance throughout a liquor license transfer is extremely important in order to protect the transaction.

Alcoholic Beverage Consulting Service has a full network or resources at your disposal. Our clients represent every corner of the business world, which means we can quickly match sellers to an appropriate buyer. We have the knowledge, expertise, and business connections to market your liquor license quickly, and get it sold without the hassle of excess complications and delays.

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Sell a California Liquor License

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