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California Liquor License Requirements for a Catering Company

Liquor License Requirement Vary Based on Your Situation

Often, catering companies will want to offer alcoholic beverage sales as part of their catering service.  However, the ability to do this depends primarily on your company structure and whether or not you already have a California Liquor License for your primary location.

For instance, if you own a restaurant with a liquor license for that establishment and you now wish to add alcohol service to your catered events, you may simply be able to apply for a permit with the ABC and add the service.  However, if you do not own a restaurant and you do not already have a liquor license, the process is not as simple.  You may need to partner with an existing restaurant for the alcohol sales or you could potentially offer bar tending service at the event without selling the alcohol (the party host would furnish the alcoholic beverages).

This area of liquor licensing can be confusing and you definitely do not want to be in violation of ABC laws.  Watch the video below for more information and contact our office at (855) 774-9200 if you require assistance.