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California Liquor License Renewal Process

Understanding the Process of Renewing Your California Liquor License

The most important factor to remember with regarding the renewal of your California liquor license is that it is your responsibility to make sure the renewal fee is paid.  The ABC will send you a renewal notice, just as the DMV sends you a notice for your car registration.  However, if the renewal notice does not reach you or is lost in the mail, it is still incumbent upon the licensee to pay the renewal fee on time.

Late fees on your California liquor license renewal can get hefty.  If paid less than 60 days late, you’ll pay a 50% penalty.  Then, after 60 days that penalty increases to 100%.  Finally, after a 90 day delinquency, your license can be completely revoked.

If you have questions or problems concerning the renewal of your California liquor license, please contact our office at 855-774-9200.

The video below will provide additional information.