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California Liquor License Law Update: Protesting an Application

The process for the public to protest a California liquor license application has changed as of January 1, 2014.

In the past, a protestant could simply sign a petition as an act protest but now, any member of the public who wishes to object to a liquor license application must write an individual letter and submit it to the ABC.  No longer can protests be submitted in petition form.

This legislative change is a very positive update for liquor license applicants.  Please view the video below for more information and call us at (855) 774-9200 if you have questions or require assistance.


California Liquor License Laws | Public Convenience

In 1995, California liquor license laws were changed to allow a local government to comment on a pending liquor license application. This often makes it difficult for a bar or off-sale licensee in an area of high crime or an over-concentrated census tract to get their license application approved. Such applicants would need to have the local government indicate that the pending license is a public convenience or necessity.

Many cities do not have a process for making this determination and it can become a very political issue when communities are asked to consent to a new liquor license within their local area.

ABC Service has handled an abundance of these cases within cities throughout California.  If you are having difficulty with the Public Convenience aspect of your liquor license application, please contact us. 

The video below provides more information:

Obtaining a California Liquor License Near a Residence

The ABC gives special consideration to applications that are submitted for locations within 100 feet of a residence.  If you are looking to obtain a California Liquor License and your location is near a residence or a residential area, then you can expect to undergo much more scrutiny.  The ABC will want to make sure that your business will not be a nuisance to neighbors and you may need to be proactive in stating your case.  At Alcoholic Beverage Consulting Service, we have handled many of these situations and can help you in your pursuit of license approval.

The video below provides more information.  Please contact us directly at (855) 774-9200 for assistance.


Rectifying Distilled Spirits – Is It Legal?

Restaurant and bar owners often like to mix different alcoholic beverages to create anything from Spiked Lemonade to Sparkling Wines… but is it legal to do so under your existing California Liquor License.

The video below provides some insight as to what is (and what is not) allowed. If you have any questions, do not put your license in jeopardy! Contact us and we’ll provide the information you need.


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