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California Liquor License Laws: After Hours Sales

California liquor license laws are very specific regarding the sale and consumption of alcohol after the hour of 2:00am and before 6:00am.  Not only is it illegal to sell alcoholic beverages during this time frame, but it is also illegal to allow the consumption of alcohol on your premises between 2:00-6:00am.  This means that even if a patron buys the alcohol prior to 2:00am, it can not be consumed on premises after 2:00am.

It is very noteworthy to realize that this law also applies to employees. So having employees remain on premises and enjoy a cocktail after hours is not permissible.

There are very strict and severe penalties for violations, including potential fines of thousands of dollars and license suspensions for even first-time offenses.  Business owners must be very diligent in their practice to adhere to this and all sections of the California Code.

The video below provides more information.  Please contact our office if you have additional questions.