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Adding an Event Permit to Your California Liquor License

As an on-sale licensee (bar or restaurant), you may want to occasionally hold a special event for circumstances such as the Super Bowl or New Year’s Eve. You may find that your premises is too small for such an event and wish to extend it out into your parking lot or adjacent property. You current California liquor license does not allow for this provision and you must then apply for a Type 77 liquor license (Event Permit).

An Event Permit can not be purchased as a stand-alone license, but for a small annual fee of $131 a licensee can add an Event Permit which will allow such an event to be held up to four times per year. This is a great way for an establishment to increase accommodations and patronage on a day where it is warranted like Super Bowl Sunday.

If you have specific questions about a Type 77 liquor license, please contact our office directly at 855-774-9200.

The video below will provide more information.